the board game console providing a tactile shared experience between players and their loved ones.
This is Amity, the board game console designed to provide a fun shared experience between players and their loved ones. The board uses physical playing pieces and integrated video calling to provide meaningful engagement despite any distance.
3D Visualization
Industrial Design
CAD Modeling
Hayley Stout / UI/UX & Graphics
James Krasner / Modeling & Prototyping
Sophie Dukes / UI/UX & Branding
Amity was created from the highest point of the COVID-19 pandemic,  to combat loneliness with those displaced from their loved ones. Even before the pandemic, nearly 1/4 of adults over 65 are considered to be socially isolated. While the console especially considers the aging population, Amity is for everyone! The board is designed to fit into a variety of homes and lifestyles.
Even though the players may be far apart, Amity brings people together over the shared experience of a friendly game.
Amity is a board game console with a secondary screen and a variety of playing pieces. The size of the board was considered to fit the widest range of playable games and take up no more space than a typical boxed game.
Amity’s UI follows 2 layouts: landscape and portrait. Some games may benefit from a closer input area, such as a deck of cards, while others may be better out of the way. The secondary screen lets the player feel like they are sitting across from their opponent.
Accessibility features are essential to Amity’s interface. The device starts with an accessibility setup. When the UI orientation needs to be changed, Amity will guide the user through how this process should look and feel.
Because accessibility is so key to Amity, testing was a priority. Both the game pieces and the UI were mocked up in full scale to become testing areas for scaling and ergonomics.