An office worker’s life is changed when a bizarre creature takes up residence in his cubicle.
Cubicle is a short film concept developed during Warrior Art Camp's Animated Short Film Making course.

From scriptwriting to storyboarding, layouts to compositing - this project was a deep dive into learning the full animation production process. This culminated to a 13-second proof-of-concept shot.
Art Direction
Color is a major driver of Cubicle's storytelling. From the very first beats of the story, I mapped out how the color palette would develop over time
Initial styleframe used to dictate the background paint and the characters' color/line treatments
Background designs
The cubicle environment was a challenge to design, since it had to feel claustrophobic while also having enough room to maneuver the shots around. I utilized 3D for both quickly blocking out compositions, and creating detailed sets for the final layout