the refillable lip balm that combines accessibility with sustainability
happy human
Happy Human, AKA Hahu, is a refillable lip balm designed to be usable with limited dexterity and reduce plastic waste. Many products are either designed for the user or for the environment, but few satisfy the needs of both. Hahu’s humble yet friendly form allows it to become a part of someone’s everyday routine. It is in Hahu’s nature to bring joy to its users.
Industrial Design
3D Modeling
Berklee Huffard / Illustration & Photography
Danielle Fattibene / Research & Prototyping
Steph Majewski / Research & Prototyping
Hahu's refill system eliminates the need for fine motor skills with an easy ejection system and snap-in refills. Not only does Hahu’s form offer its users a pain free experience, but it is also designed to give users confidence. Hahu’s contours coupled with its scale and proportions help to eliminate drops and fumbles.