play is a gallery of small projects, experiments, and creative fun
This froggy pal loves to gaze at the cosmos! These renders are a first step into exploring a more "illustrative" style. The handled clay shader as well as the textured knit give a surreal 2.5D look to the images. Even the letters are subtly malformed as if crafted by hand.
ring pop
After feeling nostalgic and buying a ringpop, I was mesmerized by the way the candy caught the light. I decided to replicate one in Cinema4D and Redshift, which I was learning at the time. This project let me give in to my obsession with details to look at a real object and translate it into the digital world.
message monster
This little guy holds notes and messages! You can leave words of affirmation, important reminders, or uplifting quotes. This project started with a doodle (funnily enough, on a sticky note!) and ended with my first project in Cinema4D.
moments of joy
Thrown from our regular lives at the beginning of the pandemic, my studio class was asked to create short videos exploring how we were keeping occupied. I tried my hand at 2d animation to showcase the small ways I was finding joy despite the sudden changes in my life - through reading novels, playing with my dog, and lots of coffee!