a shaving experience designed for every body
shaveology teaser
As a visualization artist at Sprout Studios, I was given the opportunity to create a teaser video for their Shaveology case study.
Sprout redesigned Shaveology's product line and VBL to fit a more modern goal: a gender-neutral shaving experience.
With this in mind, the video needed to set the mood: striking yet accessible, playful but refined. Visual metaphors and playful side-by-sides intertwine the literal products with an aspirational story.
Motion Design
3D Art
Art Direction
Selected stills from animation
I have a soft spot for the early problem-solving phases of process where style and story are hammered out. This project was a great opportunity to explore new techniques, such as creating an animatic.
Taking a step back to look at the entire sequence helped with judging the animation's flow. How do the colors interact from one frame to the next? Do they feel like part of the same story, or is something out of place? Shots 3 and 4 are good examples. One has a downward motion, while the next is upwards- these motions are mirrored through their gradient backgrounds.