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Summer Roadtrip
There's nothing that says summer quite like a roadtrip! This looping animation traverses a rich selection of cross-country sights: from rocky mountains to open plains, shaded woods to sun-soaked deserts. Created for an internal animation challenge at Sprout Studios where the only requirements were a summer theme and a satisfying loop- it was a wonderful opportunity to dive into combining 2D/3D techniques.
Motion Design
Digital Painting
3D Visualization
James Krasner / Sound Design
The visual language for this animation consisted of charming paintings atop rough plywood, taking inspiration from hand-painted set design. The mechanism cycles through the regions, clicking satisfying into place as the props swoop in and out.
This project was a great opportunity to design some backgrounds and props that represent different regions of the US. Stylization for the paintings was based around a romanticized impression of the areas. For example, capturing the vast openness of the great plains through a rich blue sky, or the solitude and mystery of mountains through a hint of golden light and plenty of mist.
Van texturing from substance painter.